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Brief History

Metal Cad was founded in 2008, as mainly hull design company. During early beginning we were focused mainly on development of basic design of steel structures (class drawings and strength calculations), and steel outfitting. With time passing by we developed our team with knowledge of stability, CFD analysis, accommodation, and 3D modelling of hull and outfitting. During this period, we were mainly focused on clients from Norway and Holland.

During 2017. company WEST MARITIME AS from Norway purchased 60 % shares of company and become major owner of Metal Cad. Since that time, we all together developed Metal Cad , and now besides hull department we have also electrical and machinery department. Most of our clients are located in Norway, but we are continuously expanding as Metal Cad develops.

We are proud to say that our reliable team by multidisciplinary experts enable Metal Cad to handle all kinds of Ship Engineering services. All requests for our services are welcome.

Edvin Mirojevic, Managing Director

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